Weekly Round-Up 45

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 45! This week we feature new releases by Missing Words, Joshua Benjamin, Secret Attraction Feat. Diamond Cafe, The Caracals and Rackett.

Missing Words – Hollow

Touching new wave song with glimmering synths and haunting vocals.

Joshua Benjamin – Subtle Ways

Joshua Benjamin’s new single is about seeing through the subtle betraying actions of a lover. You can hear the disappointment and doubt in his voice, supported by an electronic soul beat with unsettling dark synths.

Secret Attraction Feat. Diamond Cafe – Crush

When you combine two retropop artists you get more than the sum of it’s parts! They add a dreamy, seductive twist to their 80s sound, with lyrics and vocals balancing between hope and despair.

The Caracals – Dust & Honey

Independent garage rock, but with a tight studio production. The slide guitar gives the song a little surf cinema vibe.

Rackett – Machinations

Electro punkpop you can dance to! Weird sounds and effects give the song a disorientating feeling, just like the colourful music video.

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