Weekly Round-Up 44

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 44! This week we feature new releases by Capitol, VARLEY, Tourists, Leon Seti Feat. Pilgrims’ Dream, Alter Boy, Greer, Twin XL and ferdinant.

Capitol – Wish I Was Here

The new Capitol single is a classic power ballad disguised as a shoegaze noisepop song. Beautiful! The repetition of fast drums and haunting guitars at the end is simply epic.

VARLEY – Disease

“Loneliness is a disease” is the confronting and true lyric that starts off this sad new single. The vocals are sung as if by a broken person, and impact is maximum.

Tourists – Align

The new Tourists single sounds both dreamy and gloomy. Dreampop with a dark and melancholic edge!

Leon Seti Feat. Pilgrims’ Dream – The Mountain

Calm electropop ballad about self-worth and self-improvement, sounding as free as standing on a mountain. The collaboration with Pilgrims’ Dream is amazing: their voices sound incredibly well together.

Alter Boy – Old Love

Dark electropop with traces of orchestral and theatre influences. The sadness in the music is so beautiful. This is performance art transformed to music!

Greer – Can I Get Away With It

Greer takes his electronic R&B sound to darker territory, with a story about killing a betraying lover. Is he actual planning or just fantasising? The haunting, bouncing chorus supports the former; the casual, poppy verses the latter…

Twin XL – Messy

Uplifting song that you can easily sing along to! Although it is about being young and feeling lost, this has a real optimistic vibe.

ferdinant. – Kerosene

What an incredible voice! Newcomer Tomas Ferdinant shows off his songwriting skills with this beautiful piano ballad about self expression.

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