Welcome to Indie Pop-Ups music blog, where we spread the best songs that pop up on indiepop horizon.

What is Indie Pop-Ups?

Indie Pop-Ups is a music blog with a focus on new and upcoming artists. We have a passion for finding the best new songs and promising new artists. We treasure hunt on a daily basis, and review the best ones in our Weekly Round-Ups, including a lot of debut singles. Next to reviewing songs, we write extensive articles about our favourite unknown or upcoming artists: our Debut Discoveries. We provide background information and review their debut song, EP or album. In almost all cases we interview the artists about their background, inspirations and ambitions. Another way to let you discover music is by our Virtual Soundtracks. We love how music evokes feelings, thoughts and images. We compile soundtracks for you to imagine and create your own movie in your mind. The songs are from all genres, styles and decades, without a particular focus on new music.

Where can I find Indie Pop-Ups?

icon soundcoudSoundcloud is the place where we find most new songs. We publish monthly playlists with our personal favourites. In addition we have Top 100 lists. We repost new songs that deserve more attention.

icon spotify

At the beginning of each year we create a Spotify playlist with the newest songs. We update regularly. We also have specialty playlists, focusing on a particular style or theme.

icon instagram

Photos will mostly be posted on Instagram. You can expect playlist images, concert photos and of course personal pictures to provide some more background on us.

icon twitter

On Twitter we post updates from upcoming artists, indiepop news, and of course our discoveries with a catchy tagline. We always provide links to our blog and tag the artist when possible.

icon facebook

The place where everything comes together is Facebook. We post our discoveries, links to our blog and we create photo albums, sometimes with content unavailable elsewhere.





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