Weekly Round-Up 46

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 46! This week we feature new releases by Guest Singer, Miles Pascall, KAMMA, Louis Jerome, Lunar Twin, POKAL, Dan Caleb and Dreamaway.

Guest Singer – FOMO

Electropop song with theatrical vocals, about the destructive effects of social media pressure, manages to sound both glamorous and utterly desperate.

Miles Pascall – For You And You Alone

It is such a joy to listen to Miles Pascall’s voice. Fortunately he focus his stripped-down songs around his beautiful vocals. “For You And You Alone” is a musical claim for being yourself always, and recognizing your self-worth. “Your shoes are made for you and you alone…”

KAMMA – Yet Another Girl

An extraordinary debut single! “Yet Another Girl” is about losing faith in a relationship, but the song gives an uplifting, empowering feeling, instead of making you feel down. Heartfelt and hopeful.

Louis Jerome – Listen To The Night

A piano ballad that touches your soul. With basically his voice and piano, Louis Jerome takes you on a journey through a family history and childhood. While listening, it becomes your own personal story. Accompanied by a touching music video completely made out of home tapes.

Lunar Twin – Electric Lights

Lunar Twin go beyond their dreamy & psychedelic sound to add hypnosis to their music. “Electric Lights” underlying repetitive sounds and the low, calming vocals, combined with the video, guide you to an altered state of mind.

POKAL – Wait For Me

After two years POKAL is back with his lighter-than-air cloudpop, his beautifully crafted and orchestrated pop songs. “Wait For Me” has so many musical details but still sounds incredibly organic.

Dan Caleb – One Last Song

A heartbreaking ballad that serves as both a goodbye and an ode to a friend who passed away due to cancer. The lyrics leave a deep feeling of emptiness. Simply beautiful.

Dreamaway – Back To California

Despite a simple but effective production and an unchanging rhythmic drive, the new Dreamaway single is about accepting change in one’s surroundings. Regarding ‘staying behind’ as “Don’t be the one that gets away” the message is clear yet captivating. Pure indiepop genious.

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