Weekly Round-Up 40

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 40! This week we feature new releases by Of The Giants, Mysie, FEVER DAYS, The Feather, Capitol and Omotrack.

Of The Giants – Shine On

Mystery artist Of The Giants released his debut album ‘Shine On‘ out of nowhere, on Spotify and Soundcloud. The songs and production sound so professional, as if the album has been in the making for some while. The result is a powerful soulful pop-folk sound that reminds us of the giants Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons and Bastille. Almost every song sounds like an epic hit single. Our favourite is the title track, an immensely catchy sing-along banger!

Mysie – Sweet Relief

Beautiful soulpop song from an other world: both the ethereal music and Mysie’s haunting vocals create a dream in music where we celebrate the love for nature.

FEVER DAYS – Hard Luck

From the very start you’ll be tapping, clapping and dancing along to this danceable poprock jam! If you want to ease your hard luck, put this song on; immediate joy guaranteed.

The Feather – Closer

Downtempo pop song about the difficulty of being yourself. Powerful lyrics, but set in a dreamy, chilled out song.

Capitol – Never Been To Paris

Their debut album is called ‘Dream Noise‘, and that’s exactly how we would their sound: dreamnoise, with a wall of guitars, heavenly melodies and loads of reverb. Noise you want to drown yourself in. The new single also has a certain urgency with it’s punchy beat and lyrics. Amazing.

Omotrack – Quality

Omotrack give their synth-funk sound a boost with a deep pumping beat. Grooved up with a funky guitar, stabbing horns and use of vocoder, this song feels like a track from outer space, settling in your earthly mind and body.

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