Weekly Round-Up 41

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 41! This week we feature new releases by ELLEH, Lunar Twin, Capital Soiree, Panda Bear and Floyd Wonder.

ELLEH – I Think The World Of You

Oh, Sweet Melancholy, both a burden and a saviour you are! Synthpop duo ELLEH celebrate that emotion with their sad boy disco sound, using it for . self-exploration, closure and new energy. “I Think The World Of You” is a perfect example of their sound.

Lunar Twin – Leaves

New single by dreamwave band Lunar Twin! “Leaves” is as mysterious as the music video: night life sceneries give clues for making your own stories. Just like the song’s theme: you have to give direction to your own life.

Capital Soiree – Dancing Off My Sins

Uptempo synthpop with dreamy melodies and angelic vocals! “Dancing Off My Sins” is instant addictive, and you’ll make up new sins to keep on dancing! The music video shows the band celebrating and partying with friends; and you’re right there with them…

Panda Bear – Playing The Long Game

The new Panda Bear track sounds like a cross between chillwave and trap music: dreamy melodies and vocals set to a fierce beat. And it works very well! The music video adds some mystery to the song.

Floyd Wonder – Square Grouper

Electropop, but with loads of humor, attitude and fun! Swinging and grooving, this is definitely a dance floor filler.

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