Weekly Round-Up 39

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 39! This week we feature new releases by Pilgrims’ Dream, Fourth Man, Lacuna Bloome, Derde Verde, Ernest and Lucy In Disguise.

Pilgrims’ Dream – Ocean (Radio Edit)

The new Pilgrims’ Dream single “Ocean (Radio Edit)” sounds like a mix of The Beach Boys’ sunshine pop and the folk of Mumford And Sons. We love it!

Fourth Man – Say Something

In a catchy, uptempo synthpop song, Fourth Man makes a political statement and calls for standing up, using dialogue instead of one liners. Musically and thematically it reminds us of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire.

Lacuna Bloome – Plastic

Both dreamy and epic, this indierock song about the (dis)ability to adapt to the changing world. Please give your special attention to the breakdown at the two-minute-mark, with an epic build-up from there on.

Derde Verde – Your Ghost

Derde Verde returns with a new acoustic-based single that gradually builds by adding different elements during the song. The vocals make you feel sad, but the beauty of the song gives pure joy.

Ernest – Fall Apart

Beautiful soulful debut song by a young Danish band. A classic love tribute to the Loved One, without whom one falls apart.

Lucy In Disguise – Coastal Drive

The title gives away the purpose of the song: to accompany you while driving the coastal line! A delicious, laid back, instrumental song you can even dance to.

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