Weekly Round-Up 38

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 38! This week we feature new releases by CANTER, MJC, Johnny Diamonds, Daulton Hopkins and Mackintosh.

CANTER – Call It Safe

Darkwave band CANTERs new single “Call It Safe” has a somewhat lighter sound than previous material, by adding the female vocals of Giselle Ghofrani. The production is very ‘eighties’ by sound and reverbs. The effects are so detailed they actually become another instrument in itself. This, with lyrics about the search for a safe haven, makes their new song a beautiful and haunting synthpop jewel.

MJC – On The Edge

Extraordinary mix of soul, funk, disco and pop! The new single, about a paranoid lover, is a blast: smooth, edgy with hit potential!

Johnny Diamonds – Saved

Johnny Diamonds’ punkpop takes an experimental turn on his new album “Terrible”. ‘Dead Inside (Yet Still Alive)’ is the grand opening song with its energetic and playful touch.

Daulton Hopkins – Two Town Runaway

A sweet, feel good indiepop tune with an 80s sounding production: calm guitar melodies, gloomy synths and a driving beat. Add Hopkins’ vocals, and you’ve got magic.

Mackintosh – In The Ocean

Psychedelic sing-along tune for hot summers! The song has an uplifting, bubbly sound with heavenly vocals.

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