Weekly Round-Up 35

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 35! This week we feature some of our favourite indiepop songs of 2019 so far. Enjoy the music!

Crystal Cities – The Wolves They Will Come

An intimate song about the dangers of showing your vulnerability. The delicate beginning consciously changes into a song with beautiful orchestration and an epic, heartfelt guitar solo, expressing hope and self-reliance. In years’ time this will be that classic album track that everybody treasures.

Sail By Summer – Casual Drive

A deeply emotional song, this “tune for the lonesome guys”. The driving beat, haunting melodies make you wanna get up and chase honesty, truth and meaning.

Derde Verde – Waking The Dream

A tender, acoustic song about letting go. The warmth & melancholy of vocals and orchestration remind us of those summer nights you wanted to last forever…

Low Island – Search Box

Life’s most important questions, lyrically set to an infectious new wave dance groove.

Tourist – Bunny

Electronic bliss! So many sweet sounds, glitches and vocal snippets to hear, it is almost overwhelming!

Maps – Just Reflecting

Cinematic and beautifully orchestrated, this song is vibrating with life and love for music. An emotional tour-de-force.

Wild Belle – Rocksteady

Dubby, edgy trip hop song, with a mysterious feel to it. Deploying her vocals, Wilde Belle showcases her niceness and her naughtiness.

Flaural – The Thinker

Uptempo and guitar-driven psychedelic rock, drenched in wonderful reverbs. Energetic & spaced-out.

Omotrack – Woman

Surprising mix of slow funk, brass sections and electronic beats! With clever arrangements and control of their instruments, tension is built throughout the song. Wonderful!

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