Weekly Round-Up 34

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 34! This week we feature some more of our favourite indie summer songs of 2019. Enjoy the music!

Brett – Perfect Patterns

Dreampop for your summer road trips! Both the sound and the lyrics take you along for a ride to the horizon.

Giants’ Nest – We’re The Tide

Truly feels as if your drifting with the tide! Tropical vibes for your summer soundtrack.

Villagers – Summer’s Song

The title says it al: a summer song! Warm, melancholic and even somewhat psychedelic, this song will stay with you far after summer has gone…

Freedom Fry – Come Bring Your Love

A musical call for summer love! Bring your own and get more in return!

Margot Polo – Let’s Get Out

Perfect song for driving with the windows down. It gets you ready for summer adventures!

Pictured Resort – Age Of Evening Calm

Slow tempo dreampop with sweet and calm vocals. Sultry and breezy at the same time!

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