Weekly Round-Up 36

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 36! This week we feature new releases by Weekender, Wallows, Ora The Molecule, Late Verlane and Fuzzy Sun.

Weekender – Modern Daydream

Mesmerising about the next thing to do in life? Let this dreamy psychedelic pop song lift you from the ground and guide you. Fresh, positive vibes!

Wallows – Trust Fall

Lo-fi, dreamy indiepop with surprisingly raw but melodious guitar lines. Slowed-down lad rock for the Netflix generation.

Ora The Molecule – When Earth Took A Breath

A hypnotic synth melody drives this pop ballad to an emotional, angelic climax. Accompanied with a beautiful music video.

Fuzzy Sun – I Ain’t Right

Groovy indiepop you can dance to! Catchy lyrics to a carefree disco beat.

Late Verlane – Poolside

An intimate power ballad about a summer love, with a hypnotic piano melody. Amazing!

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