Weekly Round-Up 25

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 25! This week we feature debut releases by Indigo Milk and Ben Stitt. And we review new singles by Palest HueDYVR, Thandii and KYZR. Enjoy the music!

Indigo Milk – Mourning

Exceptional debut by Australian duo Indigo Milk. “Mourning” is an emotionally laden song about dealing with loss. Both the soulful music, and breezy vocals sound remorseful and hopeful. Below is the beautifully shot music video where loneliness and loss are transcending from the screen.

Ben Stitt – Fade

Conceptual debut EP about finding yourself again after a dark period. Singer-songwriter Ben Stitt combines ambient sounds with acoustic folk which creates a delicate, ethereal atmosphere. Our favourite song is “Fade”.

Palest Hue – Maybe In Time

There is a lively indie scene in Ontario, Canada. Part of it are the Nomadic Family, a group of collaborative musicians, like Grant Ulysses and our favourite psychedelic band ShagWagon. Also part is art-rock band Palest Hue. They take inspiration from tropicalia, jazz and psychedelic rock. Their new single “Maybe In Time” is hypnotic, breezy and incredibly beautiful. Very impressive, serious musicianship!

DYVR – Ghost Hands

Haunting new single by DYVR. His sincere, desperate vocals are backed by dark, hypnotic electronic music. Best played in complete darkness, where dreams and memories intertwine.

Thandii – Not Much Room

Summery, trippy new single by English singer-songwriter Thandii. Uptempo and energetic, but also with a lovely lounge break. Pure psychedelic pop.

KYZR – Night Vision

New single by Dutch producer duo KYZR. The duo sure know how to groove! “Night Vision” is another great example of their groovy soulful disco sound. But it’s not a retro sound, but a fresh contemporary sound. And very addictive!

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