Weekly Round-Up 24

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 24! This week we feature debut releases by Calamari Ferrari and Talk Time. And we review new singles by StalagmitesFAVOR and Silk Cinema. Enjoy the music!

Calamari Ferrari – Fine

Delightful debut single! Unknown new band Calamari Ferrari start off with a playful song and video (with references to the decade of boom boxes and VHS). “Fine” is about celebrating a love connection. With this very summery and colourful song they will slip & slide into your melting pop heart.

Stalagmites – Projectile Dysfunction

The new best band from Manchester? After last years’ single “Binary” Stalagmites proves to be worthy to be next in line! “Projectile Dysfunction” is about the band’s difficulties with the music industry following the hype of their debut single. Fortunately they are still here! “Projectile Dysfunction” is a brooding, groovy, and even shoegazy song. Classic Madchester.

FAVOR – Mannequin

Danish synthpop artist FAVOR returns with another perfect uplifting retropop song. With every new release he is improving his authentic ’80s sound. “Mannequin” immediately transports you to those roller skate disco scenes in ’80s movies!

Talk Time – Year Of Self

Five piece band Talk Time from Los Angeles kick off with an amazing debut single! “Year Of Self” is not about being selfish, but about having faith in yourself, in doing what you love doing. And the band sets the example with their song: you can clearly hear the confidence and joy. The result is a pure pop single with warm synth sounds and a summer vibe.

Silk Cinema – No More

Soulful midtempo house music from London duo Silk Cinema. Their new single “No More” is about not accepting an unwanted situation anymore. You can hear and feel the relief after the decision to change it is made: the confident vocals and breezy melodies sound accepting and comfortable. The song is also a perfect soundtrack for your summer.

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