Weekly Round-Up 23

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 23! This week we feature new singles by Another Juggle and Hellas. And we review debut releases by Mikey CollinsOtemmaAnton VicThe Happiness MovementSIRENETY, Marcus AtomMartha Hill and Niki Moss. Enjoy the music!

Another Juggle – Shield

Our favourite Danish band has a new single out! “Shield” is their ‘first waltz in 6/8 time signature’. And it is so incredibly beautiful! They transform their dreamy retropop sound into a delicate and even sensual ballad. Unaware, you’ll find yourself drifting away into a spacious ballroom of warm sounds…

Hellas – Dances

Danish duo Hellas create ambient tracks that are both soothing and uncomfortable at the same time. They keep the listener’s mind engaged by unusual sounds and complex structures, while they emotionally bond through melodies. Some songs can even be described as ‘modern classical’ music. Their new single “Dances” is surprisingly rhythmic. Several rhythms (with different signatures it seems) dance together, while a haunting, heartfelt melody supports them. Everything comes together in an emotional discharge. Astounding.

Mikey Collins – Sound In Here

A joyous sunshine pop debut! Ex-drummer of indiepop band Allo Darlin’ Mikey Collins brings us a sunny, uplifting song that combines ’60s sunshine pop with the new wave of The Cure. The song is about his tinnitus (ringing in the ears due to touring), but he embraces it as part of him and turns his experiences into this bright summersong.

Otemma – Unchanging Eyes

Unknown musician Otemma debuts with an amazing song “Unchanging Eyes”. From the very first moment you are enticed by the softly vocals, so dreamy and melancholic. It makes the song both intimate and powerful. We definitely want to hear and know more!

Marcus Atom – Son Of A Bad Man

Soul singer Marcus Atom releases his debut single “Son Of A Bad Man”, telling his own story set to music (“always on the run”), supported by a hip hop beat and with a jazzy vibe. Promising new artist!

The Happiness Movement – The Strongest Man In The World

A quirky, playful electropop song by mysterious newcomer The Happiness Movement. An accurate band name for this debut song, because it makes you feeling happy and carefree. His follow-up “Everybody Wake Up” is a guide to happiness set to a lovely disco vibe. Musical Do-It-Yourself Empowerment!

SIRENETY – I Can Get Off Without U

And yet another mysterious musician! Singer-songwriter SIRENETY debuts with a beautiful R&B song. Her amazing voice carries the song and is rightfully the focus of the effectively plain production (by young UK hip hop/soul producer Graffiti City). Heartbreaking.

Niki Moss – Soylent Green

Catchy psychedelic pop by musician Miguel Vilhena who debuts as Niki Moss. Guitar hooks, synth hooks, heavenly filter effects and a delicious organ; it’s all here to support Vilhena’s vocals, straight from the 1970s. On repeat!

Martha Hill – Spiders

Dark, and sometimes trippy debut by singer-songwriter Martha Hill. With a vocal sound, reach and control not unlike Adele’s, she fully takes over the song and your soul. Gorgeous and spellbinding first single! We will hear a lot from her in the future, no doubt.

Anton Vic – Dopamine

Midtempo glittering synthpop that will get your heart pumping! These heavenly melodies will take over your mood.

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