Weekly Round-Up 22

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 22! This week we feature debut releases by Van BellmanFEMME ROYALE and Faradays. And we review new singles by Sundaes, OmotrackTOPIA and Toui Manikhouth. Enjoy the music!

Van Bellman – I Hate To See You This Way

From the very first moment of this bluesy rock song you can feel the frustration and passion. Zac Taylor’s debut song “I Hate To See You This Way” is about watching a loved one being self-destructing without being able to help. The helplessness and anger are audible in the music. Heartbreaking.

Sundaes – Pretty Wife

Weird little electropop gem. The vocals are both sensual and stalkerish, especially with the suggestive lyrics. This fabulous and playful disco song deserves a ditto video, here it is:


Swedish singer-songwriter Emmy Åsblom debuts as Femme Royale, starting off with a true pop stomper! “How Bad’ works for both radio waves and dance floor. Energetic and infectious!

Omotrack – Hippo Trip

Warm, slow electro-funk from Iceland. Omotrack’s new single “Hippo Trip” is carried by deep bassline, with a full funk band building the song to immense greatness!

TOPIA – Bonds

This is one of the most catchiest songs of this year so far! Swedish duo TOPIA return with another poppy song. “Bonds” is unapologetic catchy, and an irresistible sing-along hit single. Pop in it’s purest form.

Toui Manikhouth – Open Season

Canadian singer-songwriter Toui Manikhouth is a true acoustic musician with his songwriting focussing on harmonies and melodies. His new single “Season” lies somewhere between chamberpop, folk and acoustic rock. Bon Iver comes to mind. A beautiful, calm song that grabs your attention immediately.

Faradays – Real

Upcoming Dutch band Faradays is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Karindra Perrier, creating slow, melancholic pop songs. Their debut song “Real” gives you a pleasant sense of dreamy nostalgia to dream to and to dwell in. Perfect for those reminiscing moments when day turns into night.

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