Weekly Round-Up 21

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 21! This week we feature debut releases by Foreign CorrespondentLaureline and JAMRA. And we review new singles by MagneaHanna KostElliot Johnson and The 131ers. Enjoy the music!

Foreign Correspondent – American High School Fashion

New Australian band Foreign Correspondent blend different musical styles together. Their debut single “American High School Fashion” combines a slow-sad-psychedelic guitar with a dreampop-synth-melody and heartbreaking vocals. Together they make for an incredibly beautiful and nostalgic sound. The production gives rest and space between the instruments, creating an ethereal atmosphere. A welcome different sound!

Laureline – I Love You

Debut song “I Love You” by new band Laureline is a delightful, breezy synthpop song. The dreamy,  melancholic sound balances between disappointment and hope, making it a beautiful love song for creating your own love story.

JAMRA – Underground

Nashville singer-songwriter Christine Jamra debuts with a daring and dangerous popsong. The production is tight with sharp hip hop beats and a trippy atmosphere supporting her confident vocals. Raw and passionate, a debut with attitude!

Magnea – Profil

Dance producer Maral Salmassi and singer-songwriter Liina Magnea return with their second club stomper. “Profil” grabs back to early ’90s house music and ’80s New York club culture. Exceptionally danceable without the standard four-to-the-floor-beats. Spacious and exciting!

Hanna Kost – Tired Of The Sunshine

A sweet summer lullaby! Californian singer-songwriter Hanna Kostamaa’s new song “Tired Of The Sunshine” breathes love and melancholy. The song’s warmth carries the laziness and directionlessness of an endless summer.

Elliot Johnson – Miss Leading

On his new single “Miss Leading”, singer-songwriter Elliot Johnson combines his confident, soulful vocals and his groovy sound with blues guitar, which gives the song a true ‘live’ feel. A song to retain your confidence and joy after a love-mismatch!

The 131ers – Crazy

Californinan indierock band with an infectious and big poprock sound. Also catchy is the incredibly clever and funny music video about trying to resist temptations.

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