Weekly Round-Up 20

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 20! This week we feature debut releases by ELA Lindsey and James New. And we review new singles by ADOY and Martin Baltser. Enjoy the music!

ELA Lindsey – Healing Me Slow

American singer-songwriter ELA Lindsey debuts with a contemporary pop song. Although it deals with healing from childhood trauma, “Healing Me Slow” sounds funky and sensual.

ADOY – Young

Korean band ADOY returns with a beautiful, dreamy new single. “Young” sounds like a cool breeze and is perfect for summer.

James New – When We Were Young

Beautiful acoustic song with amazing vocals, about reflecting on our youth, happiness and lessons learned. Melancholy never sound so honest and magical.

Martin Baltser – Hypothermia

Amazing new single by Danish singer-songwriter Martin Baltser. He effortlessly combines folk with electronica, and creates a calm yet intense song about emotional hypothermia. With a simple, effective and intimate music video, see below.

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