Weekly Round-Up 19

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 19! This week we feature debut releases by Deflectors, True Tides and Rapport. Enjoy the music!


After two demo tracks, the London band Deflectors now officially debuts with the song “Alone”. Inspired by 1980s post-punk, the four piece band deliver an extremely energetic slice of britpop. Who can resist the funky bass and catchy guitar hooks?! We can’t!

True Tides – Higher

New band True Tides consists of three brothers from Dublin, Ireland. The title of their first single “Higher” is exactly what the song does: taking you higher! With an amazing wall of sound they still know how to sound incredibly catchy and compelling. Perfectly crafted for radio, dancefloors and live stages.

Rapport – Unconscious

Debut by Canadian trio about sleeping, dreaming and waking up. “Unconscious” features a deep bassline over an electronic uptempo beat. The dreamy sound is enforced by the sweet 1960s girl group vocals. We don’t wanna wake up from this song!

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