Weekly Round-Up 12

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 12! This week we feature debut songs by Polychrome and Chantitown. And we review new songs by World MachineLovespeake and Joan. Enjoy the music!

World Machine – Affection

Sweet and soulful pop song, clearly inspired by early ’90s R&B (Color Me Badd, Boyz II Men), but with a fresh contemporary production. A welcome warm and mellow sound!

Polychrome – First Kiss

The London duo’s first song “First Kiss” seems like a lost classic from the 1980’s, which is the decade we love the most! The production is intentionally retro-sounding, and it works. Synthpop never sounded so sweet and dreamy. Actually, “First Kiss” has been around for more than three years, but finally has the deserved official release. Ready for the mainstream.

Joan – I Loved You First

And yet another song with an 1980’s sound! “I Loved You First” sounds like a bubblegum piano ballad from an ’80s high school movie. The song is so effective in it’s simplicity, and the lyrics of first-love-lost-experience are painfully honest and relatable. The inevitable guitar solo only adds to the heartbreak (and the retro feeling). Timeless.

Lovespeake – Imagination

For the love of disco! Norwegian band Lovespeake return with another delightful, groovy indiepop song. Sweet and melancholic.

Chantitown – Mother Of Sun

British singer-songwriter Chantitown starts off her career with a couple of beautiful, ethereal downtempo songs, uploaded on Soundcloud. “Mother Of Sun” is our favourite. She combines elements of soul, world music and trip hop, and adds her powerful voice, making her music soulful and spiritual.

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