Weekly Round-Up 13

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 13! This week we feature debut songs by DREAMS, FortressViVii, Suzi Island and Riley. Enjoy the music!

DREAMS – No One Defeats Us

DREAMS’ debut single “No One Defeats Us” sounds like a stomping remix of a classic The Clash song. Rockin’ and groovin’ post-punk for today’s dance floors. A fresh brench to the postpunk legacy.

Fortress – Wanderlust

Atmospheric electronic pop music from Belgium. Debut single “Wanderlust” has a beautiful spacious production where the sounds glister warmly, and the cool vocals guide you through their emotional music.

ViVii – Siv (You And I)

ViVii’s debut “Siv (You And I)” is a calm, dreamy and emotional song with an impeccable depth in sounds and instruments (including a zither). At times it even has an orchestral feel. And the vocal harmonies and the layered melodies remind us of ABBA. This is something very special.

Suzi Island – Show Me The Way

Sparkling indiepop! Debut song “Show Me The Way” has an organic feel, with an infectious ‘la la la la’ chorus that effectively continues during the fade-out, so the positive vibes will linger long after the song has ended. Destined to be an indie classic!

Riley – Havoc

Power ballad with a classy grandeur! Riley’s soulful vocals bring out her own feelings and the listeners’ emotions as well. Spiritual and powerful debut.

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