Weekly Round-Up 11

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 11! This week we feature new songs by CANTERELLEH and Telepathic Teddy Bear. And we review the debut single by Kios. Enjoy the music!

CANTER – Thoughts And Prayers

After “The Tangible”, the second lead track from their haunting soundtrack album is “Thoughts And Prayers”. It’s a sinister instrumental synthpop track that will send chills down your spine. As effective as John Carpenter’s ’70s and ’80s movie themes.

ELLEH – Everything You Ever Needed

The first single of the final instalment of ELLEH’s sad boy disco trilogy. Their new single “Everything You Ever Needed” sounds warm and wonderful, with many layers of sounds; the familiar house beat, garage house piano melody, and the melancholic vocals. But there is also a warmth in the music that ELLEH finally seem to embrace, like a sort of acceptance of the sad boy loneliness. Everything is finished with a wonderfully sweet animated music video. Time for that well deserved breakthrough…

Telepathic Teddy Bear – I Hear It Calling

Such a sweet, melancholic song, the new Telepathic Teddy Bear “I Hear It Calling”. Bubbly indietronica with electronic glitches, surprising synth swooshes, and even acoustic guitar and piano. Beautifully executed.

Kios – Be Loved

“Be Loved” is the lovable debut single by Nashville new indiepop trio Kios. It has such a feel good vibe, perfect sweet vocals and a catchy melody, that this song will be loved by everyone who hears it! No doubt!

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