Weekly Round-Up 10

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 10! This week we feature debut songs by ConfettiFergus James and Loud Hound. And we review the new singles by Wanderer and Mikah Wilson. Enjoy the music!

Wanderer – Miss You More At Night

Drenched in a delicious 1980s retro-sound, Wanderer adds another perfect track for night driving! With it’s mellow and melancholic vibes, “Miss You More At Night” gives peace of mind when missing your loved one.

Confetti – People Suck

When you’re having a bad day, and people just seem to be out to annoy you, then here is upcoming band Confetti to help to you feel better! Their debut “People Suck” is, as the title suggest, an anthem to celebrate mankind’s stupidity, ignorance and arrogance. The poprock sound on a hip hop beat is infectious, and the only thing you can do is cheer and sing along loudly!

Mikah Wilson – Sunshine Groove

Singer-songwriter Mikah Wilson returns with his sunshine pop sound which we enjoy so much! The title is a give-away: “Sunshine Grooves”. Happy ’60s vocal harmonies, with a little touch of psychedelica. Perfect for road trips, beach walks, or just at home with the windows open. A summer-enforcing song!

Fergus James – Golden Age

Australian rising star Fergus James debuts with a perfect uptempo, soulful pop single. His pleasant vocals, the infectious chorus and the steady beat make the song immediately memorable. It’s hard to believe the guy is only 18 years old. A great future lies ahead…

Loud Hound – Fine By Me

Garage rocker Loud Hound debuts with a song that is the perfect soundtrack for your surfing and skateboarding. Energetic, hazy and incredibly catchy! We wanna hear this all summer long!

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