Weekly Round-Up 7

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 7! This week we feature debut songs by Raine WestGRDNS, Lalibelle, smalltalk and Steegs. Enjoy the music!

Raine West – Sugar Sweet

Mystery singer-songwriter Raine West uploaded her first song on Soundcloud. It’s an amazing soulful, jazzy song that immediately evokes pictures of a mysterious, smokey jazz club where she is performing on a hardly lit stage. The on-spot production with electronic effects leave space for her warm, emotional vocals, making this an intriguing listen. Simply amazing.

GRDNS – Night Dance

GRDNS is a new British psychedelic pop band. Their debut “Night Dance” seems to have a deliberate lo-fi production, creating a loose, shoegazy sound. The wall of guitars drives the song, without being overwhelming. The same goes for the in vocals: the right amount for full psychedelic effect. And they never loose their groove either. Perfect.

smalltalk – Wait

Dreamy, breezy pop song by new duo smalltalk. A lush hip hop beat drives the song, so you can get easily in the groove and float away. Every little detail, from subtle percussion to a lost trumpet, adds to the whole: a song for recalling past good times and accepting they have ended.

Lalibelle – Balance

Swedish trio Lalibelle create soulful electronic music, with serious lyrics about life’s unchosen off-routes. On debut single “Balance” they make their lyrics accessible with a lighthearted marimba melody and the hopeful sound of Bogale’s vocals.

STEEGS – Come Through

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter STEEGS starts off her solo career with a raw and broody single “Come Through”. In the midst of an electronic beat and a guitar-driven melody, her voice sounds delicate, despite the confidence that shines through in both production and appearance. She is coming through!

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