Weekly Round-Up 8

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 8! This week we feature debut songs by FYEOFETES, Vaines, Healthy Bones, The Caracals and mastersystem. Enjoy the music!

FYEO – I Wanna Dance (Like You)

The retro artwork of a sunset displays a nostalgic tendency that is also traceable on their debut single “I Wanna Dance (Like You). But despite expectations, this is not an uptempo 80s dance song, this is an amazingly beautiful 80s sounding love ballad.

FETES – Waiting For You

FETES is the new project by Australian musician Cristian Campano. He derives elements of psychedelic rock, britpop and drum ‘n bass, and melts them together to an uplifting pop song. “Waiting For You” is a celebration of life with all it’s highs and lows. Catchy, energetic and instantly memorable! We love it!

Healthy Bones – Take It From Me

British singer-songwriter Dan Masters debuts with his new project Healthy Bones. His focus is on music performed by humans instead of technology. “Take It From Me” has indeed a natural, loose organic sound. And its flow and build are just incredible, almost psychedelic. Uplifting and catchy, with loads of sing along moments!

mastersystem – Notes On A Life Not Quite Lived

Members of Frightened Rabbit, Editors and Minor Victories start a super group and debut with a super single! “Notes On A Life Not Quite Lived” is an indierock song about midlife angst that sounds raw and epic.

The Caracals – In The Dark

Surprising debut single by new Californian band The Caracals. We can hear traces of surfpop, bluesrock, and even the pop-sensibility of Motown soul shines through. Everything fits on this awesome indierock song! The song has just enough studio production to make it sound accessible without losing the initial gritty garage rock feel. Amazing!

Vaines – Nobody Like You

Singer-songwriter Jared Gaines’ debut single “Nobody Like You” is a dark, at times even unsettling, slow pop ballad. In Gaines’ soulful, sad vocals his despair about the lost of his loved one, shines through inevitably. The hectic, restless ongoing hi-hats give the song that extra touch of the protagonist’s indecision, while the guitar adds to the hopelessness. Brilliant.

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