Weekly Round-Up 6

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 6! This week we feature debut songs by Belle And The BeatsMore GiraffesFulton Lee, Earhart, Jesse Saint John and Laarsen. And we review new singles by Goldsmoke, HERR ALT and Hurst. Enjoy the music!

Belle And The Beats – Soldier Of The Night

Your nocturnal guide to self-realisation and your right to dream! Dutch singer-songwriter Belle And The Beats’ sensual debut single “Soldier Of The Night” demands you listen to yourself. Pop noir that is both catchy and inspirational.

Laarsen – Would U

Chilled electronic music from outer space. Synths, vocal snippets and bleeps create an intriguing spacey atmosphere.

More Giraffes – Basement

Indiepop duo More Giraffes debut with a sunny, bouncy and extremely catchy song called “Basement”. Light as air melodies, with a heavy down-to-earth bassline. Sweet!

Goldsmoke – I’m Not Looking

The best smoke is golden! The brotherly duo Goldsmoke deliver another fine example of their future soul. In time for Valentine, this love gem actually celebrates being single, ‘I’m not looking for love’. But it is hard not to fall in love with their seductive electronica-based soul music.

Fulton Lee – Water

On his debut single “Water”, Futton Lee displays a lovable 50s retro soul sound! With just a small palette of sounds, he creates a colourful song. An incredible fresh sound that makes us thirsty for more.

Hurst – Rattle Kids

It’s been a long time since we heard such a authentic 90s alternative rock sound! Australian indierock band Hurst brings us back to the glory days of Pixies, Weezer and 90s punk pop!


HERR ALT – No News

Dutch singer-songwriter HERR ALT knows how to integrate surprising electronic sounds and sound-manipulation with a classic popsong structure. His new single “No News” is another perfect example of his funky new wave sound.


Earhart – A Cross

New band from London, UK! Earhart have been hiding out in home studios, but are now ready to release their music. Their debut single “A Cross” is a guitar-driven pop song with use of electronics, and has a lot of dynamics. Great use of quieter parts and catchy guitar hooks!

Jesse Saint John – Move

Such an enjoyable dance pop song! Debut single “Move” works on your body movements and dance twitches. And it’ll brings a smile to your face. Fun and funky!

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