Weekly Round-Up 3

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 3! This week we feature the debut EP by Orphan King. We review debut songs by Mackintosh and Oklo, and new songs by Moon Loves Honey, Black Light White Light and Red Red Lips. Enjoy the music!

Orphan King – Witness EP

Mysterious Swedish musician Orphan King released his debut EP “Witness” last week, and it is stunningly beautiful! Haunting & cinematic electronic music, with organic rhythm programming & slowed down vocals… and a whole lotta soul!

The first song “Hope” has Orphan Kings characteristic sad beats and vocal samples and is a perfect introduction to his sound. “End” is a dark, instrumental and orchestral song that sheds some light and warmth to his music. “Prohibit” features harsh sounds and has an industrial future bass feel, but stays true to the dramatic musical theme. The closing track “Change” is pure ambient pop with beautiful synth-soundscapes, that give some relief after the first three songs.

Throughout the songs the sadness and heartbreak can be unsettling, but there is always a warm, hopeful touch to them.

Moon Loves Honey – Lonely Day

Danish musician Jeppe Dengsø moves his earlier shoegazy sound to a fresher more electronic dreampop sound. The result is “Lonely Day” and it is a pop gem from the heavens! The song has such a delightful, carefree, breezy sound, that it makes you float into air!

Mackintosh – Energy

Debut single by mystery band Mackintosh. Alternative rock with percussion that makes you swing. Groovy, psychedelic and as energetic as the title suggests!

Black Light White Light – Teenage Dream

Colourful new single by Danish musician Martin Ejlertsen & friends. “Teenage Dreams” transcends decades and generations. The song breathes the psychedelic ’60s but adds ’90s shoegaze vocals and reverbs. The timeless beats make the song completely irresistible!

Red Red Lips – Xpress Urself

Catchy new single by female duo Red Red Lips. “Xpress Urself” is an electropunk ode to self-empowerment. Punk attitude neatly packaged in a polished pop production. Addictive!

Oklo – I Climatize

“I Climatize” is the amazing debut single by UK band Oklo. The song smoothly balances between progressive rock and spacious electronica. Noisy guitars and intense vocals create a dense atmosphere. Very impressive.

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