Weekly Round-Up 2

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 2! This week we feature debut releases by Maurice Amour, The Spencer Lee BandDaulton Hopkins and Wood Chips. And we review new singles by Cosmobrown, UP, Beach Bunny and JetBelly. Enjoy the music!

Maurice Amour – Take Me Back

Debut single by UK producer and songwriter Brandon Hargrave. A warm, carefree pop song celebrating good times and personal growth. A summersong on which memories are built!

The Spencer Lee Band – Kissing Tree

Debut single by Los Angeles based band formed by multi-instrumentalist Spencer Lee. What starts as an acoustic soulful tune turns out to be a full-blown funk song. Amazing!

Cosmobrown – Joy

We know Cosmobrown for his house/new wave dancefloor stompers, but this is a nice surprise. Somehow the French producer combined 90s downtempo soul with a garage house vibe, creating a slowed down disco track. Smooth!

Daulton Hopkins – Maroon

Debut song by a 19 years old American singer-songwriter. It’s a beautiful piano ballad set in a contemporary electronic pop background. The song has a natural flow, great vocals, and great production.

Wood Chips – Heartbeat

New project by Danish musician Andreas Asingh. “Heartbeat” is the debut single, and it is a beautiful little song; a psychedelic-light pop song with an incredibly breezy vibe. Magical.

UP – With You

New single by Essex, UK indiedance duo UP. “With You” is a hypnotic, uplifting chillwave track to which you can even dance! Supreme synthwave melodies!

Beach Bunny – Sports

New single by garage/surfrock band Beach Bunny. “Sports” is about love, insecurities, confusion and heartbreak. Sad girl surfrock never sounded so good.

JetBelly – The Lost Parade

Groovy, uptempo indierock tune by travelling musician Scott Montgomery. The song has a psychedelic vibe due to the vocals-reverb and the repeating jangly guitar melody. Addictive!

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