Weekly Round-Up 1

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 1! This week we feature the debut EP by Cake The Bakery. We review debut songs by Michael Do and Shrines, and new songs by Capital Soirée, Flying Cape Experience, Sam Amant. Enjoy the music!

Cake The Bakery – Bake The Cakery EP

A couple of weeks ago duo Cake The Bakery entered the scene with their debut song “Loud”, a quiet, meditative song with a strong message of being loud, being heard while society wants you to be quiet, be normal. Last week they released their first EP. It has the overall theme of reflecting on one’s place in the world and how to cope with changes and desires. These introspective, philosophical lyrics are supported by their musical style which can be described as percussive ethereal ambient sound. Singer Julia Freifeld’s somewhat nonchalance-style vocals challenges the listener while feeling welcome and supported by the music.

The first song of the EP “Walk With Me” is more uptempo and accessible in sound, and is about by overthinking everything that can hold us back from trying to change. “Decades Disappear” is about the feeling of being born in the wrong decade, and not fitting in to the standards of the society you’re raised in. The next two songs “The Highlife” (about maintaining a happy life) and especially “Without Words” (about losing the power to communicate with a loved one) are beautiful ballads with a jazzy vibe to them. Listening to the last one, the image of singer Julia Freifeld behind a piano on a hardly lit stage pops in our mind. Bonus track “Space” is lighter in sound and a perfect ending to the EP.

In short, the first Cake The Bakery EP is a cohesive collection of beautiful songs that will evoke complex emotions and challenge the listener. Both the lyrical themes and the music will connect to many people.

Michael Do – I Want You To Stay

Charming lo-fi chillwave song. A love declaration for someone leaving the relationship.

Sam Amant – Blow It

Post-punk and electropop performed with a punk attitude. Bold and spontaneous.

Flying Cape Experience – No Lies

Beautiful acoustic ambient pop, transcending styles and dimensions.

Capital Soirée – Waves Of Change

Classic sounding dreampop, with a catchy melody and heavenly vocals.

Shrines – Glitz And The Glamour

Groovy and danceable indierock. True and pure britpop.

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