Weekly Round-Up 48

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 48! This week we feature debut releases by Paige Bea and Cake The Bakery. And we review new singles by GoldsmokeMICKY and Girl As Wave. Enjoy the music!

Goldsmoke – All Falls Down

UK future soul duo Goldsmoke return with a new jam! All their songs are rooted in soul, and have an irresistible groove. They clearly take inspiration from 80s groove (electronic soul from the 1980s) and take it to perfection on their new single “All Falls Down”. We love it!

Paige Bea – Pick Up Your Heart

Singer-songwriter Paige Bea debuts with a classic soul song in a modern jacket. Just like in the video where she’s an oasis of calmness in a hectic station, so is “Pick Up Your Heart” a relaxed song in the wilderness of EDM tracks screaming for attention.

MICKY – Fire

American singer-songwriter Michael Persall combines classic rock with the Motown pop sensibility. MICKY‘s new single “Fire” is another love child of both inspirations! The song has such an authentic production. If you don’t know the song, you wouldn’t be able to guess from which decade the song actually is. Sounds like a timeless pop classic.

Girl As Wave – Houdini

Fight or flight? A new relationship can be a vulnerable experience. Do you want to escape like Houdini? On her new Girl As Wave single “Houdini”, Marci Elizabeth sets that doubt to music in a cinematic, dramatic song.

Cake The Bakery – Loud

Despite the title Cake The Bakery‘s debut song “Loud” is actually a quiet, meditative pop song. The production is centred around singer Julia Freifeld’s vocals and reoccurring hypnotic percussion, making the song ethereal and intriguing… and very beautiful.

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