Weekly Round-Up 49

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 49! This week we feature debut releases by Dear PressureFeeling Vibes and Sabri. And we review new singles by STIKS, Nolan Garrett, Derde Verde, CULKIIN and  VEiiLA. Enjoy the music!

Dear Pressure – Never

Canadian duo Dear Pressure start off with a sweet, soul-induced pop ballad about doubting to stay or move in your life. With an effective, contemporary production this will hit your emotions instantly. “Never” is an atmospheric winter chill song for dark december days, reflecting on your year 2017.


Last year we introduced the UK hip hop duo STIKS. Heavily inspired by Fatboy Slim they delivered party block hip hop with youthful energy. Their new single “CM666” is a bit different, much darker and incredibly raw. The chorus with singing vocals gives some relief, but the 666 is in the music! A daring new direction.

Nolan Garrett – Morning

American singer-songwriter Nolan Garrett debuted a year ago with his indierock EP “The Question“. His new single “Morning” sounds more psychedelic and even orchestral sometimes. His stay in Beatles HQ Liverpool, UK has influenced him apparently! A great leap forward.

Feeling Vibes – Wave

New trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Feeling Vibes‘ first single is a groovy slice of indiepop, lo-fi disco as they call it themselves. It contradicts the video featuring a guitarist sitting on his bar stool (although there some occasional disco lights). But you won’t be sitting still!

VEiiLA – Dive

Dark, introspective synthpop from Russia. Darkwave duo VEiiLA released their new “Dive” EP this week, and it is amazing! If you like your music dark, overwhelming and slightly dramatic, this one is for you. Title track “Dive” is our favourite song, with opera vocals for extra impact! Haunting.

Derde Verde – Shattered Moon

This week American art rock band Derde Verde released their new single “Shattered Moon”, completing their new 5-song EP “Meander Belt”. “Shattered Moon” is a beautiful, melancholic song with a simple, but effective black & white video of the band playing.

CULKIIN – Dream Alone

Dance producer Tom Briggs finally returns as CULKIIN. Almost 2 years ago he released his club banger “Head” which was an Indie Pop-Ups favourite. Last year’s chilled rework by Hippie Sabotage is probably more known. His new one “Dream Alone” is more for listening than dancing, although it has that undeniable groove to it. Sweet vocals and a marimba melody will make this an underground chilltronica classic.

Sabri – Oh Honey

NYC artist Sam Sundos introduced the world to his project Sabri this week. With his project he investigates his past, present and future, which is reflected in his debut song “Oh Honey”. The music reminds us of late ’80/early ’90s ‘dancerock’ from Manchester. And in the video (which was recorded with a vintage camera) we see him celebrating his life on the NYC streets. We’d love to see and hear more from him!

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