Weekly Round-Up 4

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 4! This week we feature debut songs by Fever DaysBarakountaNatural Flavors and KUNZITE. And we review new songs by FAVOR, DERONDA and Elliot Johnson. Enjoy the music!

Fever Days – Bored

When boredom and creativity lead to an amazing debut single! “Bored” is the debut song by musician Oliver Green as Fever Days. We love his lo-fi Do-It-Yourself sound and attitude. His voice suits the present surf/punk sound perfectly: causal but not nonchalant, uptempo but never rushed. This is one great rush of energy!

FAVOR – Slowly Dancing

After his 80s-inspired debut single “Hole In The Heart”, Danish musician FAVOR is moving into future soul with his follow-up. The smooth “Slowly Dancing” is about accepting past relationships still having in influence in life (like the memories are slow dancing with you). A perfect song for dancing with the past and present!

Barakounta – Crime

What an incredible sonic ride of life, this debut single by new duo Barakounta! Raw electropop with many breaks and drops, symbolizing life’s bumps and breakdowns. Their song is an energetic plead for choosing your own path.

Natural Flavors – California

Fresh debut by three guys from Arizona, USA. “California” breaths (of course) sunshine and freedom. Their separate musical skills (vocals, beats, saxophone) work well together. And combined with an admirable Do-It-Yourself-naiveté, they create a loveable chill out song. Both their song and their intentions are hard to resist!

Elliot Johnson – Bliss

On his new single, singer-songwriter Elliot Johnson delivers a fresh blend of chillwave and guitar pop. And a surprising element here is soul! Both his vocals and the rhythm of the song give “Bliss” a delightful groove. Fresh for summer!


Colourful and exciting debut single by RATATAT-side project KUNZITE. There are so many different sounds and melodies working together, you’ll discover something new with every listen.

DERONDA – Perfect Chair

The retro artwork gives away the sound of the new Deronda’s single: 80s-inspired synthpop! And they created a brilliantly retro-fueled pop song with a joyous chorus and carefree melodies. You’re hooked in an instant!

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