Weekly Round-Up 45

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 45! This week we feature debut releases by Bülow and Easy Life. And we review new singles by Insecure Men, High Fantasy and Traverse Town. Enjoy the music!

Bülow – This Is Not A Love Song

After listening to the debut song “This Is Not A Love Song” you’ll be amazed about the singer’s young age. Dutch singer Megan Bülow is only 17-year-old! We have to admit we didn’t expect that. She sounds mature and controls her voice like a pro! And besides her voice, there is also a professional electronic production, and lyrics about falling in love we can relate to. A very accessible and catchy, yet surprising debut song!

Insecure Men – Teenage Toy

Two months ago indiepop duo Insecure Men surprised everyone with the playful pop ballad “Subaru Nights“, that combined indiepop with kitsch pop and exotica. Their second single “Teenage Toy” has that same exciting blend, but with an uptempo rock vibe. The lyrics about growing up and trying to understand love and sexuality are a compatible pair with the particular sound: they both are playful, anxious, weird, euphoric and strangely addictive.

Easy Life – Pockets

Five-piece UK band Easy Life debut with a chilled slice of indie hip-hop. And they do it marvellously! On their first delivery “Pockets” the band combine funk, hip hop, lounge and indiepop. The song has an incredible ‘live’ feel that shows musicianship and rightful confidence. There lies a great future ahead for this young band!

High Fantasy – Firelike

Synthpop duo High Fantasy have been recording songs that are clearly rooted in the ‘decade of the synth’: the 1980s! Their new single “Firelike” has that same retro feeling, but also sounds tighter and at the same time more relaxed, more confident than their earlier tracks. And it has a light psychedelic touch, which also shines through in the music video!

Traverse Town – Signs

Melancholic, uptempo 80s-sounding pop music, we love it! And American band Traverse Town understand how to create sincere and emotional retropop! Catchy guitar hooks? Check. Nostalgic synth pads? Check. Sing-along choruses? Check. Their new single “Signs” has got it all! The songs “neon signs are calling my name”… How can you not respond to this totally infectious song?!

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