Weekly Round-Up 44

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 44! This week we feature debut releases by UK Cinema and Boy Azooga. And we review new singles by Josh Dally, Pace and Climbing Trees. Enjoy the music!

UK Cinema – English Girls

UK Cinema is a new Canadian band consisting of five young guys creating dreampop music. We were introduced by one of it’s members, singer-songwriter Robert J. Kemp, whose ambient pop debut album we featured last year. “English Girls” is an ode to a relationship with a London girl. The dreamy vocals and melancholic guitar melodies go straight to the heart, as is the video of a girl getting emotional, reminiscing over… who knows? Breaking up? Missing someone? Very classic dreampop, and very captivating.

Josh Dally – Dancing In The Moonlight

We at Indie Pop-Ups have been following singer-songwriter Josh Dally for a while, as we just love his sound! He created some amazing retropop songs (now retracted) and he delivered guest vocals on Timecop83’s retrowave classic “Let’s Talk“. His beautiful vocals are a major part of his sound. Somehow they always evoke a nostalgic feeling. With his new single “Dancing In The Moonlight” he has a more stripped down approach, and it works wonderfully! And just like with his older songs, we can’t help imagining we found a lost song from a 1980’s movie soundtrack. Great return! (And he is here to stay this time. He promised!)

Pace – The Sea

London three-piece Pace are gaining momentum slowly with their music and live performances. Their acoustic indie approach give their songs a true ‘live’ sound, although they’re incredibly well-produced. Their new single “The Sea” gives more space to orchestral arrangements and sounds. The song’s drive, enforced by hand claps, may disguise the immensely detailed songwriting and production. But “The Sea” clearly displays craftsmanship and love for music. ‘Simply’ beautiful!

Boy Azooga – Face Behind Her Cigarette

New Welsh rock band Boy Agooza surely know how to rock! They found a perfect balance between classic rock and psychedelica. Their debut track “Face Behind Her Cigarette” grooves from the very first moment, and won’t let you go! Their ‘live’-feel-production was inspired by late Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabor. And it shows, the track is an energetic and irresistible piece of hypnotic discorock!

Climbing Trees – Run To The River

Australian folk duo Climbing Trees write, produce and record all their songs together. The base of their music is folk, but they blend in other styles easily. Their new single “Run To The River” is a lush, acoustic song that sounds like they’re very close and are just singing for you. It gives the song a personal touch, and makes it even more immediate. And we love the vocal harmonies!

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  1. Woah! UK Cinema’s “English Girls” is such a great track – cannot wait to play it through our home studio monitors. Also, I’m definitely a fan of Josh Dally, glad to see he’s doing great. I first heard him on Timecop1983’s “Let’s Talk” (TC is a big inspiration). Awesome blog. Looking forward to the next post.

    -Wolf, The Musician,
    -E: wolfthemusician@gmail.com

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