Weekly Round-Up 43

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 43! This week we feature debut releases by Wanpaku Graffiti, Mazy, City Father and The Blue Wave Pavilion. Enjoy the music!

Wanpaku Graffiti – Shake Your Ghost

DIY garage punk with a surprising melodic touch. Wanpaku Graffiti‘s debut single “Shake Your Gost” offers clever guitar hooks, pleasant vocals, and loads of enjoyment!

Mazy – Heliar

“Heliar” by Australian band Mazy is a beautiful, heavenly chillwave pop song! Experienced by previous musical projects, the trio now take matters in their own hand. The first effort is a sun-drenched song where separate synths, effects and filters blend into one colourful, psychedelic soundscape. Wonderful!

City Father – Coquette

It seems that mystery producer City Father can’t choose between a club track and a electronic song to listen to. But why choose, if you can do both within the same song?! The breakbeats and hi-hats on “Coquette” give the track an irresistible dance floor feel, but the dreamy melodies and vocals also make it a true pleasure to listen to. The song brings back the thrill we had discovering The Black Dog and Boards of Canada, back in the ’90s.

The Blue Wave Pavilion – Song Of Cedric

Anthemic indierock from Leeds, UK! The Blue Wave Pavilion seem to combine the energy of early Killers with White Lies’ bombastic sound. And they do it incredibly well!


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