Weekly Round-Up 38

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 38! This week we feature the debut releases by Baba Vük and Dēlfy. And we review new singles by Tangible Rays, dreambeaches and Paradise Walk. Enjoy the music!

Baba Vük – Universe On Trial

New Scottish band Baba Vük debut with a dark pop-rock song. The duo of David Ness and Graham Duff don’t shy away from using synths as well. The result is a sound somewhere between Depeche Mode (including the dramatic vocals) and Editors. The accompanying mysterious video, mostly shot in black and white, deserves special attention.

Tangible Rays – Eurydice

Tangible Rays is the music project by Rob Fiorenzo from Ohio, USA. He already released two albums (2014’s “Grow House” and this year’s “Seance”), but is still little known. The new single “Eurydice” should change that! His sound is rooted in shoegaze, which is evident from the two albums, but “Eurydice” adds a lighter tone and electronica in the music, without losing his hypnotic wall of sound. Dreampop delight!

dreambeaches – Trademark

Indierock band dreambeaches are a welcome addition to today’s music scene. Citing both rockbands and pop singers as influences, their rock music has an incredible pop-sensiblity reminiscent of Mystery Jets and Foster The People for example. Their new single “Trademark” adds a 60s sunshine pop vibe as well. The song is here to hearten everyone who is feeling down, with both music and lyrics. Their new EP “Disappearing Act” will be released on October 13th.

Dēlfy – Body 2 Body

Dutch singer-songwriter Dēlfy has been making a career with doing guest vocals and writing songs for others. But with a talent and confidence like Dēlfy, there has to be more! And her debut song proves just that! “Body 2 Body” is a lovely, soulful midtempo dance song featuring her sweet and sensual voice. Dēlfy is clearly on her way making it on her own!

Paradise Walk – Losing It All

Besides their uplifting already-classics “Summer Heat” and “Neon Rain“, retrowavers Paradise Walk know how to write beautiful ballads as well! Their new single “Losing It All” takes us back to the 80s again, with a song about taking risk and perseverance within a relationship. The song is another example of their detailed approach to nostalgic retropop, and further proof that Paradise Walk delivers the finest retrowave out there.

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