Weekly Round-Up 37

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 37! This week we feature debut releases by Prolly KnotCliché and Art School Girlfriend. Enjoy the music!

Prolly Knot – Perennial

Somehow, upcoming singer-songwriter Prolly Knot knows how to combine a warm atmosphere with a cold undertone. Her first single “Perennial” has warm melodies and her soulful caring vocals, but also a cool breeze and remote electronic glitch sound. That balance makes it an exceptional debut song!

Cliché – Weapon

New Canadian duo Cliché debut with a sweet electropop ballad: “Weapon”. Unlike a threatening weapon, this song is lighthearted and welcoming you; they even request you to ‘let your weapon down (tonight)’. The message of being open to love fits their accessible pop sound. A song with great hit potential!

Art School Girlfriend – Bending Back

Dark, moody atmospheres on Art School Girlfriend‘s debut single “Bending Back” about accepting roles within a relationship. ‘Bending back for you is fine’ seems passive, but is actually about having control. The calm nature of the song supports that idea. Art School Girlfriend is a singer-songwriter/producer that has control over her music, and allows herself to be daring and challenging in both sound and lyrical theme.

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