Weekly Round-Up 36

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 36! This week we feature the debut releases by Plastic Palm, Samson AsheLove Sick and Effee. And we review new singles by Mitch KingMatt Cross and Shy Shy Shy. Enjoy the music!

Plastic Palm – Run By Me

Mystery producer/songwriter from London, UK, debuts as Plastic Palm. That’s all we know. And that he convinces us with his first single “Run By Me” within a few bars! Incredibly catchy and well-produced electropop along the lines of Passion Pit, Miike Snow and Miami Horror. We love it so much, it’s been on repeat since we discovered the song.

Effee – Work It Out

Effee is the solo project of Frances Litterski (of US band Kid Runner, new video “Don’t Change Me“). Her debut “Work It Out” sparkles just as much as Kid Runner’s indiepop songs; you can hear her joy of creating the song shine through. Driven by hectic beats and a marimba melody, the music enforces the lyrics about getting through relationship hard times. Her sweet vocals are answered by low male voice snippets, repeating her phrase ‘work it out’, suggesting a reconciliation.

Matt Cross – You Said You Needed Time

After the release of his debut EP “Better Late Than Never” six months ago, London singer-songwriter Matt Cross, now returns with a new single “You Said You Needed Time”. He continues his pure britpop sound and adds an unapologetic rock sound, creating a sound somewhere between Oasis and early Bloc Party. Awesome!

Samson Ashe – Too Rough

A new star on the R&B front! Samson Ashe‘s modern soul with bad-ass hip hop beats is challenging the listener. His debut single “Too Rough” is no easy, smooth soul music, but indeed rough, and reminds us of 70’s raw James Brown-styled funk. The funk connoisseur will recognize it’s backbone sample by Vicki Anderson. Big stuff!

Love Sick – Bullet

Fired from their love-gun, Scottish duo Love Sick, strike us in the middle of our music-heart with their debut song “Bullet”. This slow tempo, alternative pop song has a certain grandeur (desperate vocals, loads of reverb), but stays down to earth and close to the listener as well. Undoubtedly, their Bullet will hit many music lovers.

Mitch King – Burning

Australian singer-songwriter Mitch King has a different approach to life. Gaining as much experience as possible through his nomadic life, it naturally influences his indie folk music: it sounds free, passionate and immediate. His new single “Burning” has a natural flow that it seems that Mitch King is just it’s medium. Because he doesn’t ‘need to be a preacher nor a sinner‘, but he’s just getting his message of freedom & love out there, to whom who wants to listen. And we certainly do.

Shy Shy Shy – Beautiful Boys & Girls

Heavenly synthpop from Denmark! The duo of Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard, known as Shy Shy Shy released their new single “Beautiful Boys & Girls” last week. A wonderful and gorgeous musical ode to the yearning for beautiful people; tender, and without frustration. And as pleasant to the ear as the sight of those beautiful boys and girls to our eyes.

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