Weekly Round-Up 32

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 32! This week we review debut releases by Josh Mac and Chrystal. And we feature new singles by Retrofile, East Love, Derde Verde and Analisa Corral. Enjoy the music!

Josh Mac – Burn Away

At first glance Josh Mac seems another young artist as any other, but wait! His debut single “Burn Away” is far more layered and musical than you would expect. There are several separate sounds that together form perfect melodies. An intelligent and clever pop song, and very, very enjoyable!

Chrystal – Waves

Being different is sometimes difficult but always rewarding. And singer-songwriter Chrystal is definitely different and rewarding! She combines R&B with a euro dance sound on her debut song “Waves”. The result is a raw, harsh sound that is also bubbly and bouncy. And we won’t forget her confident lyrics, vocals and attitude! A very welcome distinguished sound.

Retrofile – Poster Child

With Retrofile as your band name, there is bout to be a nostalgic sound! And there certainly is! The upcoming Canadian band’s new single “Poster Child” breathes the 1980s, both in singer Martino’s vocals and in the grooviness throughout the song. “Poster Child” holds somewhere between a disco track and a classic car-drive-song. Play loud!

East Love – Firefly

Summer is here to stay, thanks to East Love‘s new single “Firefly”! Assumably inspired by the (now deleted) L18N dance remix of their previous single “Left My Love”, their new one has a delicious tropical dance beat, not unlike Crystal Fighters, but still with their folk sound. Awesome!

Derde Verde – Turn

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to art rock band Derde Verde. Last week they released their third single “Turn”. What starts out as a quiet, sad song turns into a noise pop tour-de-force with a wall of guitars piercing your soul! Their songs probably need more than one listen to fully appreciate, but when you do, you will be totally drawn in. As we are.

Analisa Corral – Neurological Retreat

Last year we discovered singer-songwriter Analisa Corral and her amazing self-produced debut single “Itchy Skin” (at the time released under the name of Pavón). We are glad to have her back! Her new song is very impressive; we really dig the bouncing ball sound, the tight snare and the slightly spooky atmosphere. A perfect backbone for Analisa’s haunting vocals. We can’t wait for her debut EP!

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