Weekly Round-Up 31

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 31! This week we review new releases by Pilgrims’ DreamOutside The Academy, ELLEH and The Vryll Society. And we feature the debut single by Embankment. Enjoy the music!

Pilgrims’ Dream – Redemption

London-based singer-songwriter Rob Ousely as Pilgrims’ Dream just keeps on releasing amazing songs! Ousely has two incredible powers:1. his songwriting skills (setting inspirational folk lyrics to 60s style harmonies), and 2. his incredible voice (that he uses as a personal angel choir). The two combined make up for his fresh and recognizable style, which is gaining more and more attention. And rightfully so, as his new song “Redemption” proves.

Outside The Academy – Neanderthal

A few weeks ago we introduced Outside The Academy, the solo project by Australian musician Pawel Cholewa. We we were very impressed by the electro-acoustic club sound of “Anaesthetise“. His new single “Neanderthal” has a groovy artrock backbone and a psychedelic atmosphere, much like how a krautrock remix of The Stone Roses’ “Fools Gold” would sound. Together with Cholewa’s desperate vocals this makes “Neanderthal” a haunting piece of music.

ELLEH – Ghost

Our favourite sad boy music makers ELLEH return with another dancefloor stomper! They take their nostalgic sad boy disco from the 80s into the 90s with the new single “Ghost”. Less influenced by new wave, and heavily influenced by house, the focus is on the beat, the deep bassline and the piano melody. But the new single is unmistakably theirs, thanks to the lyrics and Teshi’s vocals. Anthems EP Part II is coming out August 20th.

Embankment – Beautiful Losers

Embankment are a new and upcoming band from Essex. The band consists of Alex Blackman, Harry Boon and Joe Bodfield. Their first effort “Beautiful Losers” is an ode to the underdog, going through rough times but succeeding. We love the dance beat combined with the guitar melodies. Reminds us of Blur’s “Boys & Girls” and Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch“. Refreshing sound!

The Vryll Society – Shadow Of A Wave

The new The Vryll Society single “Shadow Of A Wave” is the welcome return of the 5-piece rockband. The song has a very tight beat, guitar hooks and the calming voice of frontman Michael Ellis. Somehow this combination starts to sound psychedelic within several bars, without losing any of it’s catchy pop-sensibility. The Vryll Society will find it’s way into the mainstream easily.

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