Weekly Round-Up 33

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 33! This week we feature the new EP by hdlnds. And we review debut releases by Moonboot, HAIZ and Raj Chrome. Enjoy the music!

hdlnds – Slipping Out EP

Out of nowhere there is suddenly a new EP by hdlnds! Who? Well, yes, agreed, the Los Angeles producer is not very known, and seems to withdraw from social media. However, his music deserves a thousands streams, shares and likes!! He creates slow electronic pop songs, but melts it with a subtle groove (“Cottonhead“), a gentle soundscape (“Dog With No Master XVX), or an acoustic guitar melody combined with samples & glitches (“Slipping Out“). Our favourite track is “OP” (see below), which we think stands out because of it’s extra psychedelic vibe. This is some of the most exquisite and exciting music we have heard so far this year.

Moonboot – Downhill

Although their young age (17 years old!) Swedish duo Moonboot‘s debut single sounds quite experienced. The duo combines catchy lyrics and melodies with a uptempo dance beat, like they have done it many times before! Not unlike an other Stockholm duo: Galantis. And we believe Moonboot will follow in their footsteps in no time.

HAIZ – Betrayed

Young singer-songwriter HAIZ has an amazing voice, which she proudly displays on her debut single “Betrayed”. A pure electronic pop ballad, as there are many. But it’s production is very well executed.

Raj Chrome – The Key

A sad, but hopeful R&B song, that’s “The Key” by American singer-songwriter/producer Raj Chrome. He sings about recovering from a broken heart, and that he will succeed: “If you love something, set it free. So I’m gonna set myself free.” The mood is dark with his sad vocals and a slow piano melody, but it never gets you down, just like the inspiring lyrics. What a beauty this song is!

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