Weekly Round-Up 25

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 25! This week we feature debut releases by Happy Pills, Dayo Bello, Hemm and HËXĖ. Enjoy the music!

Happy Pills – Yeah Yeah

From out of nowhere, a new mystery musician appears: Happy Pills. Without any social media available he just dropped his amazing debut single on Soundcloud. “Yeah Yeah” is slow orchestral pop, 60s vocal harmonies and a catchy chorus, covered with a blanket of soft shoegaze fuzz. We love it! He promised that there are plenty more songs coming, so watch out for this new talent.

Dayo Bello – Mine

Some songs can be so incredibly beautiful! “Mine” by newcomer Dayo Bello is such a song. Basically an acoustic song with just a bluesy guitar and heartfelt vocals, but so wonderfully performed. The lyrics are from his personal love life which explains the utter heartbreak you’ll experience, as if this is your own love pain. We can only come to one conclusion: Day Bello is going to be huge!

Hemm – Dearest Friend

Hemm is the duo of Bobbie Downie and Juice Webster from Melbourne, Australia. Together they create beautiful electronic music for your listening pleasure. Their ode to friendship, “Dearest Friend”, sounds sophisticated and ethereal, with a surprising amount of well thought-through glitches and unexpected sounds. Stunning debut single!

HËXĖ – Words

London duo HËXĖ debut with the wonderful mellow dance track “Words”. The duo go for a spacious, chilled production with loads of reverbs for maximum hypnotic effect, where the heavenly vocals easily find their place. A sweet song with slightly sour lyrics. Simply put: Gorgeous!

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