Weekly Round-Up 24

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 24! This week we feature debut releases by Ethan BreakawayJelly CrystalThe Drury Brothers, Real lifeAnorakk, Cloud Monet, SIRE, sir_babygirl and MOSSS. And we review the new single by MVRIE CELESTE. Enjoy the music!

Ethan Breakaway – Better

Upcoming London singer-songwriter/producer Ethan Breakaway brings the classic combination of R&B and pop to the next level. He sings with an incredible ease and naturalness. He surrounds his soulful vocals with a cheerful atmosphere, a funky bassline and catchy wooh wooh wooh‘s. One for the pop charts.

Jelly Crystal – Coming Up

We love the weird and wonderful! Swedish musician Filip Johnson is such an artist. As Jelly Crystal he released his debut song “Coming Up” last week. The song features dreamy, melancholic melodies and Johnson’s dark and deep vocals. A beautifully crafted popsong.

The Drury Brothers – Day In Day Out

Youthful poprock energy! Twins Adam and Dalton are The Drury Brothers, and deliver everything on their 2-minute long debut song “Day In Day Out”! A catchy melody, vocal harmonies and a classic guitar solo, everything performed with a sense of britpop history and a flair for joyous hits.

Real Life – Hold On

Real Life is the solo project by Norwegian producer Snorre Seim. His debut track “Hold On” is something very special. On the surface it’s a vocal-based EDM track for listening pleasure. But don’t be deceived! He effortlessly blends soul, techno and pop with ambient soundscapes and rave arpeggios, in such a way that it stays groovy, even jazzy at times. You can hear he put a lot of effort in the detailed and spacious production. Again: this is something special!

Anorakk – Burning Shoes

Self-acclaimed ‘dogmatic’ band Anorakk from Norway debuts with the indie-disco track “Burning Shoes”. They have five dogmas they live by; one of them is to only use analog synths or acoustic sound. This makes the song nostalgic and melancholic, without losing itself in pure retrowave. Also check out their playful and psychedelic video!

Cloud Monet – Skinny Dip

Cloud Monet’s debut “Skinny Dip” is a chillout song that is a perfect meltpot of R&B, lounge and indiepop. Smooth & sensual, sweet & soulful…. Actually, this song is so hot, you will need a skinny dip to cool off! We gladly accept Cloud Monet’s offer of course. Join us!


MVRIE CELESTE‘s new single “I Believe” is a true dancefloor stomper. Heavy beats, a groovy bassline and her haunting vocals lead you to the floor willingly. Dark electropop was never this addictive.

SIRE – Black Mirror

“Black Mirror” is slow, dark electropop with a suspenseful, neon-lit music video, directed by the artist himself. This debut by Belgian newcomer SIRE is electrified teen angst for the next club generation.

sir_babygirl – Heels

Chicago based singer-songwriter Kelsie Hogue debuts as as sir_babygirl. She proudly describes her song “Heels” as bubblegum pop: lighthearted pop with a ’60s girl group vibe. With added fierce beats, this song is suitable for today’s listeners. You can chew on this song as much as you like, it won’t lose it’s taste! Delicious!

Mosss – Here If You Want (Pale Blue)

Mosss is the solo project of LA-based Rob McCurdy. His first offering is the laid back smooth future soul song “Here If You Want (Pale Blue). The song has a brooding summer night vibe with subtle percussion for a slightly psychedelic touch. His vocals create a both sensual and sad atmosphere. Lovesickness never sounded so sweet. One for repeating listening!

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