Weekly Round-Up 23

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 23! This week we feature debut releases by Cody & DanzHot SwaysOther States and Life In Sweatpants. And we review the new single by ELLEH. Enjoy the music!

ELLEH – I Can Be Your Best Friend

ELLEH‘s sad boy disco continues with a new single, taken from their forthcoming “Anthems Part 2” EP. On “I Can Be Your Best Friend”, ELLEH allow themselves some daylight and bring us a bright song (despite Teshi’s always slightly melancholic vocals). The optimistic sound is an indication of hope and joy that a day can bring. We celebrate this anticipation with them! #nowdancing

Cody & Danz – If I Only Had $ome Money

Dreaming of money! “If I Only Had $ome Money” is a take on everybody’s wish to have loads of money. But Cody & Danz imagine helping people if they had some, and wonder who would too. Solo producers Cody Crump and Danielle Johnson team up for a synthpop song with a 60’s bubblegum pop twist. Delicious! Their “Only The Hits” EP drops July 14th.

Hot Sways – Relax

Hot Sways‘ debut track “Relax” is a dark synthpop song. The darkness is in the slow rhythm and in the vocals; both the female lead and the supporting chanting bass vocals add drama and suspense. This confrontational song is about letting go past thoughts and actions. Relax by reflecting. The refrain with a high pitched rave sound gives some relief, as well as the reassuring “breathe in, breathe out”. Dark and daring first single.

Other States – Make Amends

A brooding atmosphere combined with a tight beat makes Other States‘ debut single “Make Amends” a perfect song for midnight driving, while reminiscing and reflecting: “what did you do to make amends?”. B-side “My Beau” has the same cinematic quality, with a psychedelic touch to it. Impressive.

Life In Sweatpants – Girls

Sun-kissed indiepop from new duo Life In Sweatpants. “Girls” is carefree summersong with a playful bass, subtle percussion and jangly guitars. “We take our sweet time, because we do what we wanna do!” are part of the lyrics. And that’s a great motto for summer!

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