Weekly Round-Up 26

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 26! This week we feature new singles by Black Pulp, Outside The Academy, Figurehead and Derde Verde. And we review the debut single by Fornet. Enjoy the music!

Black Pulp – Six Miles

Black Pulp from Liverpool, UK is a guitar based indiepop band. Their new single “Six Miles” is catchy in both melody and rhythm, with airy, dreamy vocals in and angular guitar hooks. And the song has a delicious summer vibe as well!

Outside The Academy – Anaesthetise

Outside The Academy is the solo project by Australian musician Pawel Cholewa. He describes his music as ‘melancholy nightclub jams‘. His new song “Anaesthetise” fits the description, but is even more suitable for the chillout room! It has some sort of psychedelic post-rave chill out vibe. Think along the lines of a folksy electro-acoustic The Orb/The KLF kind of thing. Very cool and creative!

Figurehead – Teacher’s Pet

Delicious pop punk from Australia! Figurehead are four guys still in their teens. Last year they released their debut EP and they now return with “Teacher’s Pet”. The song about classroom dynamics stays close to their teen world. But they take their inspiration from music history class: pop punk and alternative rock from the ’90s!

Derde Verde – Staring Into Dying Light

L.A. based art rock band Derde Verde consciously combine a variety of influences (krautrock, shoegaze, ambient) to create colourful and imaginative songs. Their new one “Starying Into Dying Light” is another beauty! We love the 60s-ish vocal harmonies with a psychedelic vibe and ethereal atmosphere. Great stuff!

Fornet – Moonlit (B)

Classic sounding post-punk from Belgium! Young band Fornet deliver a modern twist on classic 80s post-punk: besides a steady beat and irresistible grooves they add noisepop in the mix making this more adventurous. “Moonlit (B)” is a remarkable first single with the band showing off both their skills and musical inspirations.

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