Weekly Round-Up 21

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 21! This week we feature the new single by Polar Bears Can Dance. And we review debut releases by JaymurGlass Diamonds, MILKK, Foreign CorrespondentClouds And ThornsValerieIbexx and White Wolvz. Enjoy the music!

Polar Bears Can Dance Featuring – Magic

Hot summer vibes! After a series of remixes, London producer Jimmy Hickmott returns with a new Polar Bears Can Dance single. “Magic” is a laidback summersong with a carefree swing to it; it will lighten up everybody’s mood. Play it loud and often… repeated listening will turn up the summer heat!

Jaymur – Breathe

21 year old producer from London Jaymur debuts with a lush and chilled downtempo song. Setting his bad relationship experience to music, he created “Breathe”, a sweet R&B ballad featuring his own melodramatic vocals. Excellent!

Glass Diamonds – Lunar Dremes

Dream disco, anyone?! Australian band Glass Diamonds combine a dreamy atmosphere and heavenly vocals with a light disco beat. Multiple effects and filters give “Lunar Dremes” a psychedelic touch and makes the track truly magical.

MILKK – Pacific Kiss

Sweet synthpop song for summer! MILKK‘s debut track “Pacific Kiss” sounds like it’s title: sweet and sultry, with a fresh breeze. MILKK mastered an amazing retro 80s sound, with nostalgic synth melodies, ocean sounds, a distant guitar and of course their melancholic vocals. Perfect for your coastal drives.

Foreign Correspondent – Daniel

Foreign Correspondent is a “solo recording project from Melbourne, Australia”. That’s basically all we get to know from his social media. Rest us the music. The debut song “Daniel” shows musicianship with professional production, predicting a longer history in making music than just this track. After 20 seconds in, the song’s rhythm hasn’t decided on a direction yet: reggae or rock. “Daniel” chooses the way to art rock, in which clever placed drums keep surprising. Combined with bass, guitar and hammond, a psychedelic atmosphere emerges throughout the rest of the song. Impeccable first offering from a (for now?) mystery artist.

Clouds And Thorns – Everything Is Possible Now

An indiefolk anthem to party to! That’s Clouds And Thorns‘ debut song “Everything Is Possible Now” in one short tagline. The song has the same melancholic, yet uplifting sunshine vibe as “Home” by Edward Sharpes & The Magnetic Zeros. A folk celebration of summer 2017!

Valerie – Stupid Doll

A lovely, sweet intro with a meowing cat quickly turns into a rap with attitude. Singer-songwriter Valerie from Prague, Czech Republic keeps changing between the sweet and the sour, and succeeds in both! Throughout her debut song “Stupid Doll” she proves that her voice and her songwriting can handle being adorable and nasty. A self-confident debut!

Ibexx – Static

Remarkable in it’s simplicity, LA singer-songwriter Ibexx‘ debut single “Static”. She impresses with an impeccable voice and to-the-point, but still detailed, production. The accompanying music video deserves special attention. Filmed in black & white, Ibexx sits in a chair while being haunted by her demon, visualized by a beautiful choreography.

White Wolvz – All I Know

A year ago we discovered a magical song called “Different Sun” by Lee Triffon. She has been involved in avant-garde collaborations that defined her ambient pop sound. Now she teams up with partner Kfir Melamed to form White Wolvz, and goes even further in exploring new territories. “All I Know” is an amazing percussive mantra about finding your spirit. It’s mysticism combined with the tribal beats makes this a dark, unearthly excursion in sound and vision.

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