New Single Crystal Cities “Binary Eyes”

Australian band Crystal Cities have been making music for about two years, starting from a garage, but now creating dreamy indierock with a stadium grandeur. In March this year the band released their debut EP “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now”. After releasing the title track as a single, they’re now back with a second one: “Binary Eyes”.

And just like their grand sound, they don’t shy away from grandiose lyrical themes. “Binary Eyes explores ideas about what reality is and how our subjective consciousness plays a role in determining that”, explains singer Geoff Rana. He wonders in a laid-back, confident voice:

“What if all that we see is just patterns made up of binary.
And everyone’s just numbers like zeros and ones.”  


Despite the theme, “Binary Eyes” sounds loose and exciting, even uplifting. The production is clean and spacious, with an emphasis on making the song danceable. Not only the drums are tight, but even guitar and bass sound rhythmic; like they want to dance too! With “Binary Eyes” Crystal Cities deliver another dreamy indierock song that is both suitable for alternative dance clubs as well for huge stadium crowds.

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