Weekly Round-Up 20

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 20! This week we feature new singles by LUCKY BEACHES and Greer. And we review the debut single by Tundra. Enjoy the music!

Tundra – My Love

A lovely electropop song from Belgium! Tundra is a new band centered around singer-songwriter Charlotte Caluwaerts. Her vocals suit the melancholic guitar melody perfectly. Catchy, emotional and with a touch of summer… a beautiful first single!


UK born and now USA-based LUCKY BEACHES combines the 70s art rock of Roxy Music and David Bowie with the psychedelics of Pink Floyd on his new single “Swipe Left”. The spacious production leaves room for dramatic vocals, and for the lonesome and haunting guitar that enters the song halfway. Everything is driven by a determined steady drumbeat. There is just this one tiny disappointment: it all ends way too soon! “Swipe Left” deserves an epic 10-minute version.

Greer – Satisfy

Despite the hardcore artwork, Greer‘s new single “Satisfy” is not about porn. In contrary, it’s an ode to mutual satisfactory pleasure without dominance. Greer delivers his mature message packaged in a super-radio friendly pop song with a contemporary slick n’ sexy sound.

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