Weekly Round-Up 19

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 19! This week we review debut releases HarlequiinTally SpearBe Good and Wildera. And we feature new singles by Lunar Twin and FANACY. Enjoy the music!

Harlequiin – Melt In Olive

The producer behind Harlequiin is definitely not a newcomer, although “Melt In Olive” is his debut single. Multi-instrumentalist Rory Simmons mainly stayed on the background, but now finds his spotlight. “Melt In Olive” is an electronic soul song that builds slowly into a midtempo dance song, driven by a deep bass, and guest vocalist Elliott Cole‘s soulful vocal triumph.

Tally Spear – Wrong Side Of The Road

Singer-songwriter Tally Spear is only 21 years old, but her debut song “Wrong Side Of The Road” has a mature folk sound and mature lyrics. The song is about wanting to break loose, to be more than an observer in life. It’s classic ’60s country/folk sound (with harmonica) is enriched with a pleasant sunshine vibe. Impressive debut.

BE GOOD – Not Waking Up

A soft pop soul ballad with a late night vibe. Or a slow synthpop with seductive vocals. Or as the band puts it: “a woozy party anthem for the sleep-deprived”. New band BE GOOD deliver it all with their debut song “Not Waking Up”. The synth whooshes make it even a little funky, creating a very smooth song for slow dancing. All night long.

Lunar Twin – Coral Sea

Dreamwavers Lunar Twin return with their second single from their second EP. Their sound is mysterious, ethereal, cinematic and slightly dark. “Coral Sea” has a wonderful deep epic sound from which you can’t escape. Fortunately singer Boudreau’s voice is soothing and calming. Colourful and adventurous just like, well, a coral sea! Beautiful.

Wildera – The Only

Rusty Redden and Loren Moore form the LA duo Wildera, an indierock band with an incredible infectious first single. “The Only” is well-produced with tight drums, a classic whoo hoo hoo refrain and distant synth melodies. If you like your rock music catchy and danceable, this is your new favourite band!

FANACY – Haha Wawa

Sweden’s upcoming pop singer FANACY‘s 2016 single “I Just Feel Like Dancing” was an obvious wink at female dancepop. The title of her new single “Haha Wawa” clearly gives away a specific flirt: Lady Gaga. The song was written for a short film “Svajpa Leo” directed by Isabel Lindström. Both film and song are about an admiration and love affection for another human being, so much that it’ll make haha wawa. Her debut album will be released later this year.

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