Weekly Round-Up 5

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 5! This week we review debut releases by Stereo Honey, We Are Hunters, SuperorganismChris De Sarandy, L-Space, Young Clancy and Oceanlux. And we feature new singles by Lilly Among Clouds, CANTER and Pool. Enjoy the music!

Stereo Honey – Where No One Knows Your Name

Stereo Honey are a four-piece band from London. Their first song “Where No One Knows Your Name” is incredibly beautiful! The track is well produced and features some distinct parts that really stand out (besides the vocals and music itself): there is an acoustic guitar solo followed by a haunting shoegaze wall of sound finale.

Lilly Among Clouds – The Only One

Last year German singer-songwriter Lilly Among Clouds debuted with the minimalistic piano ballad “Blood & History“. She now returns with “The Only One” which has a fuller sound. It has her characteristic voice, and an urgent drumbeat. Both the music and the accompanying video have the same dramatic touch. Impressive.

Canter – Red Heather

Chicago darkwave outfit Canter return with yet another great single! “Red Heather” has their signature mix of ambient, post-punk and synthpop. The song sounds ominous with dark sounds and vocals, and pulsating due to a persistent drumbeat. The great use of synthesizer sounds give the song a nervous and unsettling touch. A new album will be released later this year. Something we definitely look forward to!

We Are Hunters – Reykjavik

“Reykjavik” by new Dutch band We Are Hunters recalls the dancerock of Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. We Are Hunters’ focus seems to be not only on playing rock music but on being groovy and danceable as well. And they succeed effortlessly.

Superorganism – Something For Your M.I.N.D.

Superorganism is a musical project started by a 17-year old Japanese girl making music with global friends online, like a super-organism growing by each new collaboration. Their debut song “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” is catchy and funky, driven by a trip hop beat with playful sounds, samples and lyrics. Very creative and imaginary!

Chris De Sarandy – Dream Coming True

We at Indie Pop-Ups were immediately blown away by Chris de Sarandy‘s new song “Dream Coming True”. De Sarandy has been recording and uploading several tracks on Soundcloud, all of them feature his amazing soulful voice. “Dream Coming True” is his official debut with the smooth and sensual production by Just Chris. A great future lies ahead.

L-Space – Blue Flowers

This week Scottish duo L-Space (Gordon Johnstone & Lily Higham) released their debut EP “Sol O”. The songs are somewhere between acoustic and ambient and are concerned with space, time and technology. Our favourite is “Blue Flowers” that sums up their sound in just one song; ambient pop, lost guitars, trip hop beats, dreamy vocals and a sad piano melody.

Young Clancy – Comingtoulive

Refreshing, soulful debut single by Canadian musician Young Clancy. He is ‘coming to us live’, as he announces at the beginning with the autotuned repeating of the title. It makes the song like a broadcast with an important message. The beats are chilled and consciously placed throughout the song, just as his vocals. Refreshing indeed. His debut EP, “Yung Prince Of The Basement” is out on February 10th.

Oceanlux – Bruises

Oceanlux is the duo of vocalist Daisy Draper and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Weaver from Indiana, USA. They want to tell stories of human heartache, but with the hopeful sound of electropop. “Bruises” is a great example of what they are trying to accomplish. The song deals with abusive relationships, but gives hope nonetheless.

Pool – Jealousy

New single by German indiepop band Pool! Although “Jealousy” is about this negative emotion, the song itself is positive and catchy, giving you the feeling that it doesn’t matter whether you experience it. It’s common, so don’t worry, accept and sing along! Great song!

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