Weekly Round-Up 6

Welcome to Weekly Round-Up No. 6! This week we review debut releases by We See ThreeSigridAlessandra and Pilgrims’ Dream. And we features new songs by Orphan King and Sandra Sample. Enjoy the music!

Orphan King – Leave Me

Mysterious Swedish musician Orphan King has been uploading songs on Soundcloud for the last three months, and they are all amazing! He calls his music sad beats, and the sadness and heartbreak are both in the music and in his voice. His songs are cinematic and haunting, and will touch you in your soul. “Leave Me” has an added orchestral feel to it, not unlike Woodkid’s songs. It’s his best song yet. The future of futuresoul.

We See Three – Be Real

New band We See Three speaks to an entire generation with their debut song “Be Real”. And the title is the main message: be real (and cut the bullshit). They mold their message in a contemporary electronic soul vibe with vocals snippets, a euphoric synth sound and some trap breakdowns. Spot on.

Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe

Norwegian singer Sigrid Raabe has been writing and recording for several years. She now debuts with a true pop banger! “Don’t Kill My Vibe” resonates youthful energy and self-confidence, and has inspirational lyrics. Together with a sing-along chorus this is a guaranteed hitsingle!

Alessandra – Your River

You can’t go wrong with Swedish pop music! Upcoming musician Alessandra is another perfect example. Last year she won the Denniz Pop Award for “Rookie Artist of the Year” and that’s a sign of a breakthrough! She sings, writes and produces her own music. “Your River” is her debut single and is storming the indie blogs. Rightfully so!

Sandra Sample – Get A Party

Second track by Australian mystery producer Sandra Sample is what the title promises: a P.arty. “Get A Party” combines the nu wave of LCD Soundsystem with an old skool disco party vibe: bass with attitude accompanied by uplifting disco strings. That is bound to satisfy a happy crowd on the dance floor!

Pilgrims’ Dream – Ocean

From the very first moment you know this song has a focus on harmonies. Pilgrims’ Dream‘s debut song “Ocean” starts with beautiful harmonious vocals, reminding us of ’60s sunshine pop from the Beach Boys. But has an indiefolk influence from Mumford & Sons as well. It’s hard to believe it’s only one guy singing, a vocal triumph! But yes, this is a one-man band playing all instruments. Amazing!

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